elcid (eXact lab / CNR-IOM Democritos) HPC cluster

The system was acquired by the computational groups at Democritos and partially founded through a commercial contract with eXact lab srl, the spin-off company of the center. 

The system is composed by an HP blade system providing 8 blade server. Each blade is equipped with 4  AMD 6376 CPUS with  16 cores. The total number of computational cores is therefore 512. The platform is complemented by two I/O servers which provide  a 15 TB Lustre  parallel file system. There is also a computational node equipped with GPGPU to run GPU-enabled scientific codes. The platform is designed to be modular and easily expandable.

Entitled Users (CNR-IOM Democritos researchers and collaborators at SISSA) can request an account sending an email to  elcid-support  _at_ democritos _dot_  it.