• Summer School FOMO 2014
    Frontiers of Matter Wave Optics Frontiers of Matter Wave Optics

    Organizers: M. Arndt, P. Bouyer, W. Ertmer, W. von Klitzing, E. Rasel, W. Schleich and A. Trombettoni
    6-10 October 2014, Crete        Link to web site

  • CECAM Workshop co-organized by JNCASR, SISSA and CNR-IOM DEMOCRITOS
    From the chemical bond to the chemical reactor:
    Computational and materials challenges in gas conversion technologies

    Organizers: S. Fabris, S. Narashiman, L. Spanu, and S. Piccinin
    25-28 August 2014, Bangalore (INDIA)        Link to web site

  • CECAM School co-organized by SISSA and CNR-IOM DEMOCRITOS
    Summer school on atomistic simulation techniques
    Organizers: F. Becca, G. Bussi, S. de Gironcoli and A. Rosa
    30 June-18 July 2015, Trieste (ITALY)        Link to web site

  • Workshop co-organized by ICTP and CNR-IOM DEMOCRITOS
    Workshop on Material Challenges in Devices for Solar Fuel Production and Employment
    Organizers: T. Bligaard, N. Bonini, A. De Vita, S. Fabris, R. Gebauer, S.C. Roy, N. Seriani
    19-23 May 2014, Trieste (ITALY)        Link to web site

  • Quantum ESPRESSO Tutorial
    Computer modelling of materials at the nanoscale
    An introduction and hands-on tutorial with the QUANTUM ESPRESSO distribution & YAMBO code

    Organizers: Giacomo Giorgi
    23-26th April 2014, The University of Tokyo (JAPAN)        Link to web site