Giacomo Gori

E-mail gori[at]
Phone +39 040 3787 504
Address Centro DEMOCRITOS - Istituto Officina dei Materiali CNR-IOM
c/o Scuola Internazionale Superiore di Studi Avanzati (SISSA)
Via Bonomea 265, 34136 Trieste ITALY
Office A-312
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Research interests
My research focuses on the study of interacting many-body systems, in connection with their realizations with cold atomic systems. Currently I am involved, on the thoretical side, in the construction of measurement instruments with cold atoms. Other interest are low-dimensional quantum magnetism.

Biographical sketch
2013 -: Post-doc at CNR-IOM Trieste
2012 : Post-doc position at International Centre for Theoretical Physics

Nov. 2011 : PhD in Statistical Physics SISSA
Apr. 2007 : Laurea (Degree) in Physics